William Balfour Ker II, a true Renaissance man, died in New York City on January 13, 2008. Born in Long Branch, New Jersey on July 31, 1947-he was only 60, succumbing to mesothelioma. When Bill was born his grandfather said, "Oh, we have a new little Ker (pronounced car) in the family, I think I'll call him Jeep." That nickname stuck through Jeep's sixty years and embodied the spirit of a life filled with journey, voyage and exploration.

Jeep's work and passions were as diverse as his personality, ranging from long line commercial fishing to high-end textile sales to the highly competitive world of New York real estate. He was an amazing surfer, swimmer, double black diamond skier, scratch golfer and long limbed hiker. He was also a high school basketball player, champion bridge player, juggler, avid reader, lover of theater, connoisseur of food and wine, fantastic cook, poet and wonderful friend.

And he adored his wife, Marilyn, and their Tibetan terrier Molly-the loves of his life. They traveled extensively and saw the world from every angle, from the peaks of Colorado and the Canadian Rockies to the valleys of Utah; from up and down the East and West coasts of the U.S. to France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria, Ireland and Scotland.

He made a lasting imprint on everyone who touched his life, from young to old, and will always be remembered as a caring friend and genuine human being. In addition to Marilyn and Molly, he leaves behind his mother, Mrs. Mary Anne Burke Ker, and his two brothers Bruce and John. In the world of his extensive friendships he leaves a huge void, but makes all of us happier and luckier for having known him and having been a part of his special world.

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